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We are full-service game development studio dedicated to support, colaborate and assist other companies in their creative endeavours.
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Tagwizz Mindset

Expertise takes time. Commitment needs passion. Quality is our credo.
We have gathered the most passionate experts to bring you the best of those words, with an amazing Flexibility you’ve never experienced.
We are TagWizz. We are here for you.

What we offer

Our Services

We are tech nerds. We are passionate about each detail behind the scenes and would love to be part of your projects!

Full or partial

We can build games from scratch based just on your pitch. Or we can teammate with you for co-development.

As a multiplatform company, we can attend any target you have in mind. And we have built our own set of tools to quickly tackle any project.

We also do server-side development, either using services like AWS or Google Cloud, or with dedicated servers.


With more than 15 years of experience in QA, we really are experts in the matter!

Our impressive hardware inventory accounts for more than 100 mobile devices, covering all possible specs and configurations in terms of CPU, GPU, RAM and firmware.

We also do non-mobile QA testing, including PC, Mac, VR, Apple TV and even Smart Speakers!


We have a versatile team of 2D and 3D artists with different cultures and tastes that allow us to adapt our production to your needs.

From concept art to technical integration. At any and every stage of your project we can merge with your team flawlessly like if our people were sitting next to you.

You name it, we provide it.


We understand that user acquisition and retention are two of the most important aspects of any modern game, and that it is critical not to lose users because of lack of customer support.

That is why we help you provide your customers the full attention they deserve, in English & Spanish within the US time zone while you sleep.

Our passion

The games we make

Franco-Mexican ex-Gameloft & Ubisoft veteran, Adrian Gimate-Welsh, has been able to gather a diverse and multicultural group of passionate professionals.

This is why, while we're not working for our clients, we dedicate our time to improve our knowledge and skills by creating innovative games and experiences.


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