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The ideal candidate is extremely smart, with a very broad knowledge in computer 
science and is always willingly to learn about new technologies and programming 
languages. He is an avid gamer and has excellent teamwork and communication skills.


  • Maintain and improve our games and internal tools.
  • Choose and adapt third party tools, libraries, and APIs.
  • Ideate and implement robust architecture solutions.
  • Propose new techniques and ensure that good programming practices are adopted by the team.
  • Perform project estimates, create plannings and define assignations.
  • Help in the recruitment of new team members, assist, and teach them when needed.
  • Help in the debug and optimization of our games.



  • Videogame development generalist (UI, gameplay, AI, networking, tooling, etc.).
  • Knowledge of 2D and 3D art integration pipelines.
  • Advanced knowledge of C#, C++ and Unity.
  • Clear understanding of multithreading, native development (Android, iOS) and software design patterns.
  • Experience integrating third party SDKs (firebase, amplitude, Helpshift, etc.).
  • Experience creating native unity plugins.
  • Experience in profiling and debugging.
  • Versatility with different game genres (hardcore, casual, and hyper-casual), and platforms (Mobile, PC, Console and Streaming).
  • Ability to lead a team and handle pressure.
  • English proficiency.



  • Intermediate knowledge of Unreal Engine.
  • Good knowledge of linear algebra and vectors.
  • Experience in multiplayer development.
  • Experience in GPU rendering and delegation.


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