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This project was not a videogame but a medical device, a token of our commitment not only to videogame projects, but any development project, including health apps like this. We tested an app that measures the human heartbeat through a device connected via bluetooth. Given the scientific and medical aspect of this project, we were extra careful in making sure the device and the app worked to perfection. It was very demanding for our QA team, and the app itself required extreme precision. Our team received training to be able to use this technology appropriately.

Our team tested the device’s connectivity in a thousand different scenarios, at multiple distances, with different types of obstacles, after prolonged periods of time, when the app was minimized and was working in the device’s background, etc. Given Affini-T’s high technical complexity, there was a wide margin of error for bugs of all kinds. The health nature of this device, and its life and death implications, pushed us to test it to perfection and reduce all potential issues to zero probability.

Even though the project can be described as simple in terms of what our team had to do, it was the sheer volume of tests that inspired our team to make it perfect, and make sure it served its medical purpose. 

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