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Trivia Royale is a game of questions and answers where the player gains ranking on a leaderboard as he progresses through the game. Its most interesting feature is the integrated video call system to challenge and compete with other players. During a match, players could see and hear each other, their reactions and expressions, and share their emotions as they succeeded or failed at each trivia challenge. The questions were from a wide spectrum of fields, selected by the player when creating their account and establishing their interests, and included subjects as pop culture, to scientific knowledge. Players’ rankings were set by these categories. Trivia Royale was so successful that it was featured in both the Apple Store and Google Play.

The TagWizz team was contacted by Teatime Games to provide customer support for Trivia Royale. Given that many users were minors of age, our principal responsibility was to moderate each of the categories of the game, to make sure there was no misconduct by users. We prevented attitutes of discrimination, aggressive conduct, sexual missconduct, and banned all allusion to cigarettes, guns or any form of invitation to violence. Our moderation was exhaustive and active twenty four seven. Our team also made sure that all users respected user data privacy laws, especially for those under the age of 13. Our team also looked into reports by users, and applied sanctions when necessary, like bans of different durations according to the offense incurred.

The project required sudden changes of schedules, which meant that we had to adjust quickly. This project represented many continuous hours of work for the TagWizz team, evidence of our commitment to our clients’ most demanding needs. 

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