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Through word of mouth recommendation, The Label got in touch with TagWizz to jointly design and develop Evo Island, a strategy mobile game and evolution simulator, where the player takes control of a primordial creature that evolves in order to take full control of an island. In order to accomplish this, the player must evolve his creature in many different fronts, like biomes and environmental resistance, intelligence quotient, population growth, etc., as it fights off predators and survives environmental catastrophes.

Fully developed in Unity, TagWizz team collaborated in Evo Island’s game design, architecture, art, as well as the QA tests. Evo Island’s architecture includes multiplayer options, which is always challenging due to connectivity and cybersecurity requirements, both aspects at which TagWizz excels. On the other hand, our QA team made thorough tests that minimized the impact of bugs for players, making Evo Island a quite smooth game experience from launch. Our final product not only met, but surpassed the client’s expectations in terms of gameplay and visual aesthetics. 

Evo Island was a fun learning experience for the TagWizz team, for all the lessons learned in architecture development for multiplayer videogames. 


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