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A mobile game inspired by the successful Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimović, this project, like any other licensed product, required a special sensibility for the protagonist’s personal image. Because any issue would inevitably be reflected on his image, the QA team walked the extra mile to make sure this game came out impeccably well.

Zlatan Legends included special rewards according to specified seasons to incite competition between players, and their stats being displayed on a leaderboard. Our QA team made sure that all levels could be completed, all rewards were appropriately given to users according to what the game promised, all scores would be uploaded accurately to the leaderboard, and their scores would reflect the tier in which each player was positioned.

Then, there were the cosmetical rewards; we had to make sure the game’s multiple skin options for characters, items and visual effects would be delivered to the user according to his progression. If not properly tested, these changes according to progression could not be reflected during game advance, an issue our QA team made sure would not happen.

Given that the game was 100% online, our team checked if the connectivity conditions demanded by the game were correctly met by each user, a very important aspect to avoid connectivity problems that would result in further issues.

This was a smooth and enjoyable project between Swedish IsBit’s and Mexican TagWizz’ teams—illustrating our professionalism and commitment to exemplary service.

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