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Epics is an app to buy, collect and trade cards about esport players and streamers. The app has a collectibles section where users administer their card collections, a profile section that displays the user and deck of cards level, as well as a market section where users exchange and trade their cards with other users. Users buy card bundles to increase their collections, and repeated cards can be combined to have a new, higher ranking card.

TagWizz was contacted by Epics to propose and produce the app’s art, focusing on user interface, user experience, and later on to create all the app’s visual content in the form of the cards’ images. Our user experience followed the app’s needs in each section, while on the user interface front we directed its aesthetics for an adolescent and young adult’s target, with a militaristic emphasis, informed by Epics’ central videogame, Counter Strike.

The graphic style developed by TagWizz’ art team aimed at exalting the personal image of Counter Strike’s esport players and their game stats, through a sober and minimalist aesthetic of metallic colors. This presents esport players with an air of reverence and importance in the same way we would think of soccer and baseball players. For streamers we had a different approach, first because the TagWizz team had more freedom in designing the cards representing them. We implemented more thematic styles based on poplar TV series, films and videogames, giving them a more playful look.

This project allowed TagWizz to delve deeper into the industry of esports. 

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