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An app for iMessage, Emojimated came with a series of caricaturesque avatars that imitate the user movements, poses and facial expressions when using the iPhone’s front camera with FaceID. This transfer of movements and expressions happens in real time when the app is running, but it also records clips in case the user wants to share it with other users. When Black Rubiks contacted TagWizz, the app was around 80% finished, but it already had plenty of issues that our team solved.

Among Emojimated’s many issues that TagWizz’ team of developers fixed, the app crashed when trying to send the clip to other cell phones, some avatars did not imitate the users’ movements and expressions correctly, and it had plenty of user interface issues with the screen resolution with different iPhone models. Most critically, the app lacked scalability, which meant that making further updates was extremely complicated and costly. For instance, new avatars could not be added easily, undermining the app’s market durability, nor add new avatars’ movements and expressions.

Ultimately, the TagWizz’ team tackled all the issues mentioned above, including designing and reprogramming the user interface in order to avoid resolution problems, as well as other issues, and the project launched successfully for the iOS market.


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