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Journeys Interactive Series

This is a series of narrative games that focus on romantic options and decision making based on dramatic contexts, inspired by the soap opera genre. Each decision taken by the user leads the story in a different direction, and some decisions cost an amount of money. The gameplay itself depended on contexts presented to the player through text blocks in five different language options.

Our QA team tested, first and foremost, that all text blocks were in the appropriate language and right spelling, making sure that languages did not mix, that special characters were appropriately allocated, and that text and font sizes did not surpass their margins. In a game with so much text, this can be an exhaustive and sensible task. 

The Other Guys had developed a very advanced tool for generating the series storyline, which leaded us to not only have our team trained to their tool, but also to catch a great amount of issues related to misplaced graphical assets, incomplete images and text discrepancies that could have been game breaking, giving the strong story focus of the game. Our team also made sure the game loaded the right story lines according to the user’s decision making, with special attention to decisions paid with money by the user. Finally, that the user’s decisions would carry on throughout all the game, without incorrect storylines loading further down the story. 

Ultimately, it was a very successful project that had more than ten million downloads, to the point where supergiant Gameloft bought the company.  


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